Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The "Ten Minutes, Tops!" Blog

This is the post I should have done when I was 30, but then I figured, what the hell, I should just wait til I'm 30-something, because whether 30 or 32, it's all sounds the same. (Feels like it too!)

I call this the 10 minutes tops blog. 10 minutes because I am limiting the time I write every blog to just 10 minutes. I guess that's all the attention span I have for it. (That's long enough.) Keeping it at 10 helps me in getting it done at all because, after all, it's only 10 minutes of my time.

And time is precious!

Sounds less overwhelming too - no pressure to come up with anything too profound, or lengthy. Also, it gives the task of writing a blog a dimension of a challenge, like a race against time: come up with something bloggable in 10 minutes tops. If I ever end up with very short posts, I could always say I only had 10 minutes to do it. If none of my posts ever makes sense, I could always say the race factor makes my mind panic - thus the jumble of thought. 10 minutes is also very little demand for your time, dear readers/lurkers/fans/admirers.

Hopefully it works and I end up doing more posts.
Time is almost up.
This is a great start!

Welcome to my "Ten Minutes, Tops!" blog!


  1. i read slow, i think i'll be reading your future posts for more than ten minutes, sana okay lang! hehe. --Janice