Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Korea & Kimchi

My friend Mika (a kind and big-hearted Korean) gave me copies of some of his Korean movies - the ones with the likes of my favorite Sassy Girl and other pretty Korean ladies. I only got to watch half of 2 movies. One had English subtitles, but by the 2nd half of the movie, the subtitle wasn't synching anymore with the dialogue. That was confusing. The 2nd movie didn't have subtitles at all; I watched it anyway thinking I'll get it from the context. But nah.

I mentioned this because, I am here in a Starbucks cafe somewhere near the Manila Bay, and I hear Koreans talking. Makes me feel like I'm in the middle of some Korean film or novela.

Oops, 10 minutes up. :)

(What a great excuse for when I have no more thoughts to write!)

That's JP, me, and Mika: During Korea's winning game over some country I forget now; 2010 World Cup

P.S. (A 10-minute P.S.)

On Kimchi:
My friend, whom we shall call Xandra (not her real name), makes a mean Kimchi! Xandra looks Korean, but isn't Korean; though she knows how to speak the language (or I wouldn't really know if she's just showing off, haha). Back to her Kimchi: I discovered that they go well with Chicken Inasal (ask me where the best place for Inasal is) and also with Chicken Wings (I know a good place to find the best Chicken Wings, seriously!). Anyway, this friend of mine, Xandra, I know when she reads this (I hope she recognizes it's her I'm referring to despite the alias I assigned for her), I know she will dash off to her kitchen (or to the Baguio market in case she doesn't have stock) and immediately make me her oh-so-good Kimchi and surprise me by sending it to me either by bus or by personally delivering it. That's how kind and thoughtful she is. She really goes out of her way for friends like me. :) If this post doesn't work on her, next post will be a scathing retraction of this post, hehe.

Just kidding. :)

Book Recommendation:
Eating Korean: From Barbecue to Kimchi, Recipes from My Home


  1. aaajjjaaahhhhh..whatever that means.

  2. it's an expression sort of means: "go, you can do it, fight!" right, jinny? :)