Saturday, February 19, 2011

Disclosure and the 10-minute Attention Span

Again, allow me to thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for reciprocating 10 minutes of my writing effort with 10 minutes of your attention span. (Bravo if you actually have a 10-minute attention span! LOL! That's more than most have in this truly digital world.)

Anyway, in the interest of disclosure, openness and honestly, I just want to say if you click on any of the Google Ads or Amazon links found in this blog, I might actually earn something. It's not much if only a few of you click or make purchases, but if you do click or make purchases on any of these links, I thank you. I hope the ads will continue to be relevant and appropriate and will truly be to your benefit. If you don't click on anything, no worries. (But you can tell me if they get annoying too.) This is not in any way an appeal for you to click on these links just for the sake of clicking them. Click only if you really find them worthy of your time and attention.

Sometimes I would put in links to business or opportunities that I might find on the internet, or maybe from friends; know that I put them in the interest of sharing something that you might like, that might benefit you (and me too, perhaps), or that might help give a friend's business a boost (or a vote of confidence). In any case, you make your own transactions with these opportunities at your own risk, I make no guarantees (except when I expressly state a guarantee); but should you have any unpleasant experiences with any of them, you could let me know so that I am warned, so we can warn others and then I can put down the post, ad or link.

Again, thank you for making time for this blog among the millions of other blogs out there. I hope I continue to see you around here. :)

P.S. Did you see the full moon last night? It was just really pretty. :) Framed by the tall trees at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, it was just magical.

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