Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Advertise on Facebook

1. Go to Ads and Pages.

2. Create a Fan Page or Create an Ad for the Fan Page or an External Website you want to advertise

3. Set the text and image of the ad
4. Set the target audience: by country, age, connections, etc.
5. Set Budget (per day or by Lifetime); min. USD1
6. Set Timeframe (Date range, or Continuous)
7. Set Pricing Option: Pay for Impressions or Pay for Clicks
  • CPM = Cost per 1000 impressions (min. USD 0.01)
  • CPC = Cost per Click (min. USD 0.02)

8. Review Ad
9. Set Payment (by Credit Card or by Paypal)
11. Wait for Approval
12. Receive Approval
13. Pray!

P.S. Want to know my Facebook Ad Results are so far?

My initial strategy was set up my add so that I pay only for clicks. I only bid $0.01 for every click I get because I have a limited budget. After setting up my ad, getting the ad approved and running, Facebook only gave me nearly 500 impressions (meaning it only got to show my ad 500 times) within 36 hours. That's v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y s--l--o--w indeed!

Seeing that I wasn't getting any clicks despite the 36 hours that had passed, I changed the settings of my ad so that I instead will pay $0.02 for every 1000 impressions and regardless of how many clicks I get. I also modified my budget, lowered it some more so that Facebook does not take advantage of my limited budget and squanders it in one go.

Changing the ad settings requires that the ad goes through approval process, so I waited for that awhile, and once I got the approval, I set the ad to run. Within an hour, I received 10,300 impressions, and only 1 click. Since I am paying for every 1000 impressions, I ran up a total of $0.16 on my bill. That gives me a cost per click of $0.16, which I achieve every 10,000 impressions approximately. It teaches me that, moving forward, if I want to get 100 clicks, I just need to set aside a budget of about $16.

But my ad campaign isn't over yet, so I'll have to see as hours pass by if my average changes.

Hold tight!

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  1. Thanks for this useful info-torial on Facebook ad placements. Will implement this together with AdWords for a few sites. Soon. Let us know how this and your subsequent tweaks perform!