Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Ten Minutes, Tops!" 1st Monthsary!


Today we are a month old. And I am happy to report the following milestones for this blog:
Feb. 10  : Made 1st blog post.
Mar. 1   : Made 1st earnings from this blog. *Unbelievable, yeah? Tell you about it next time. :)*
Mar. 2   : Managed to buy my own domain. *coz I just earned the day before, hehe; played an angel investor and bought my brother his own too. :)*
Mar. 7  : Blog hits 1000 visits. w00t! *assuming you all read the blog in ten minutes each time, then that's ten thousand minutes spent by readers on this blog! or an equivalent of 6.94 days! LOL!*
Mar. 10: is one month old!
               Debuts at #296 at *Yeah, big deal right? But we're only getting started so be patient. :)*
I am just glad that I managed to post an average of 1 blog post every 2 days in the last 30 days, and I have also been learning a lot. For now, I thank you all for reading this blog whenever you have ten minutes. :) When I started this blog I had no real plans for it to be anything, until I got an idea, and another, and another, and then, and then, and then...! :)

So, let's see where this journey will take us. It'll be fun, exciting and surprising, for sure. Join me, be a witness as this blog gets bigger, and better, and more read, and reach the top of the blogosphere. :)

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