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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: HOW to HELP

Please help disseminate the resources/links below on how we can better assist our friends from Japan. Information on how to find more info, find missing persons, and how to donate below.

Last Update: 03/19/11
Note: There are news of online scams targetting donations for Japan Relief or claiming to be asking for donations for Japan. Please verify all sites or organizations you wish donate to. The sites listed here include the sites I got the information from; please verify them yourselves before making any donations. As far as I can tell though, these are all valid sources. Thanks!

READ more about it:
Click image to go to site. Text-only site: Click here.  (Added: 03/18/11)

Images of Japan from BEFORE and AFTER the TSUNAMI:
Click image to see magnitude of destruction.
FIND Missing Persons:

1. Use Google Person Finder:
2. Use International Red Cross' Family Links Network: Click here.

DONATE to the Cause:
AMERICAN RED CROSS: Emergency Operation Centers are opened in the affected areas and staffed by the chapters. This disaster is on a scale larger than the Japanese Red Cross can typically manage. Donations to the American Red Cross can be allocated for the International Disaster Relief Fund, which then deploys to the region to help. Donate here.

GLOBALGIVING: Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Donate here.

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Mobilizing to provide immediate humanitarian relief in the shape of emergency health care and provision of non-food items and shelter. Donate here.

SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army has been in Japan since 1895 and is currently providing emergency assistance to those in need. Donate here.

AMERICARES: Emergency team is on full alert, mobilizing resources and dispatching an emergency response manager to the region. Donate here.

CONVOY OF HOPE: Disaster Response team established connection with in-country partners who have been impacted by the damage and are identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance. Donate here.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS: Putting together relief teams, as well as supplies, and are in contact with partners in Japan and other affected countries to assess needs and coordinate our activities. Donate here.

SHELTER BOX: The first team is mobilizing to head to Japan and begin the response effort. Donate here.
Source: Yahoo! News

TEXT/G-Cash DONATE (for those in the Philippines only):

The Philippine Red Cross
Via Text:Text 'RED (space) AMOUNT’ and send the message to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart).
Via G-Cash: Text ‘DONATE (space) AMOUNT (space) 4-digit M-PIN (space) REDCROSS’ and then send the message to 2882.

Source: GMA News

TEXT-DONATE (for those in U.S. only):

The Red Cross
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a one time $10 donation from your phone.

International Medical Corps
Text MED to 80888 to make a $10 donation from your phone.

Salvation Army

Text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to make a $10 donation from your phone.

Save the Children
Text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222 to make a $10 donation from your phone.

Source: Yanko Design

DONATION TIPS and Verified Charities from Better Business Bureau:
Read here and here.

MORE WAYS to HELP: (Click the links)
Text Messaging via Verizon and AT&T

A CREATIVE Way to HELP: (Added: 03/16/11)
Watch Jimmy Wong's Super Mario A Cappela Tribute video, then buy his music on Itunes; 100% of proceeds will go toward helping Japan. Instructions at the end of the video (or click Itunes link here). This just goes to show there are many ways to help out.

BANK DONATIONS via the Philippine Red Cross: (Added: 03/19/11)
In Manila, donations may be forwarded to the Philippine Red Cross headquarters at Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila.

Checks should be made payable to "The Philippine Red Cross (FAO Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster).

Donations can also be deposited in the following:
• PRC Peso Bank Accounts:
  1. Allied Bank-Intramuros, account No. 1941-01347-1
  2. Banco de Oro-Port Area, 453-0018647
  3. Bank of the Philippine Islands-Port Area, 4991-0010-99
  4. Metrobank-Anda Circle, 151-3-04163122-8
  5. Philippine National Bank-Sta. Cruz, 3623-3680-0011
• PRC Dollar Accounts:
  1. Banco de Oro-Port Area, 453-0039482
  2. Bank of the Philippine Islands-UN, 8114-0030-94
  3. Metrobank-Anda Circle, 151-2-151002182
  4. Philippine National Bank-Sta. Cruz, 375-283500026
  5. Union Bank of the Philippines-Sta. Cruz, 132-070001012
• PRC Euro Account: Metrobank-Binondo, 016-201650005-9
• PRC Yen Account: Metrobank-Anda Circle, 151-2-15130001-9

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