Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Send REEALLY Large Files on the Internet

(Or how Yousendit got blown by Typhoontools)

I was going to send a huge file over the internet to our clients. Given that most emails already have a file size limit, and that even if it were huge you can't be sure that the recipient still has enough storage in his email, it is safer to send via third party sites where you upload the huge files so that all you have to do is send the recipient a link where they can directly download the files.

This way, you prevent the files from:
1) Being rejected by the email servers because either your file is too big, or the recipients storage is not enough
2) Being classified as spam (or unwanted mail)
3) Being blocked by company servers (for being suspiciously too huge)
For a long time, I have been quite happy with the use of to send large files. But I guess I have not had the need to send as big a file as I do now; and now I realize, and quite surprised actually, that only has a 100MB limit per sending. Well, at least for its free service, that is.

Thankfully Google showed me some solutions: other sites that can actually allow me to send files up to 2G in size for free.


So there. If you need to send only 100MB file sizes, is still a great service. If you need bigger ones up to 2G, go for Beyond that, you'll have to pay for the service.

Happy sending! 

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